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Developer X團隊從事手機程式開發、資訊服務網站、介面(UX/UI)設計、雲端網路服務、機械人流程自動化(Robotic Process Automation)實現辦公室自動化管理及網頁開發數年,堅持滿足客戶需求為客戶提供高品質的服務。

語言: 中文 (廣東話) / 英文

來自: 香港

時薪: HKD380/小時


Developer X團隊從事手機程式開發、資訊服務網站、介面(UX/UI)設計、雲端網路服務、機械人流程自動化(Robotic Process Automation)實現辦公室自動化管理及網頁開發數年,堅持滿足客戶需求為客戶提供高品質的服務。 主要服務如下: - 手機應用程式開發 - 網頁開發(資訊服務網站、網上商店等等) - 跨平台應用程式或系統開發 - 介面(UX/UI)設計 - 雲端網路架構與管理(e.g. AWS, Alibaba Cloud or Azure) - 機械人流程自動化(Robotic Process Automation)實現辦公室自動化管理 - 免費服務諮詢及報價 Developer X team engaged in mobile program development, information service website, interface (UX/UI) design, cloud network services, robotic process automation (Robotic Process Automation) office automation management and webpage development for several years, we insisted on meeting customer needs and providing customers with high quality services The main services are as follows: - Mobile application development - Static Website development (Informative website, online store or etc.) - Cross-platform application or system development (Web application, Content Management System CMS, Workflow Management System or etc.) - Interface (UX/UI) design - Cloud network architecture and management (e.g. AWS, Alibaba Cloud or Azure) - Robotic Process Automation (RPA) realizes office automation management - Free service consultation and quotation


Monash University
Master of Business Systems
2002 ~ 2006


System Analyst, Assistant Project Manager | New Modern Technology (NMT) Limited
2015 ~ 2024
Responsible for gathering users’ requirements, defining functional specifications, prototyping, database design, application architecture design, system implementation, UAT, deployment and production rollout.



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