UI設計 / 平面設計 / 攝影 / 影片拍攝/剪接

Bosco Chow

3年creative agency經驗,擅長平面設計,uxui design,修圖,繪畫storyboard,簡單剪片等。

語言: 中文 (廣東話) / 中文 (普通話) / 英文

來自: 香港

時薪: HKD300/小時


本人從事了五年設計相關工作,當中三年在不同creative agency任職。對於業內工作流程熟悉,不論前期idea構思,畫圖,製作proposal,到後期拍攝,修圖及印刷,都有一定經驗及認識。因接觸過不同類型客户,我亦對香港客戶有一定程度了解,知道不同行業客戶的偏好。我亦很清楚溝通是設計工作中很重要的一環,能明白和實踐客戶的需要是我對自己工作的執着,亦是身為designer的專業。


The Open University of Hong Kong
Bachelor of Art - Creative Advertising and Media Design
Google UX Design Professional Certificate


Art Director | Jengah limited
Campaign ideation, Graphic design, Video proposal and PPM, project management
Assistant Art Director | Havas
Campaign ideation, Graphic design, Video proposal and PPM


My Portfolio

這是我過去多年的作品集,當中包括social feeds,平面設計,TVCs,網頁設計,Campaign idea及插畫。 若你想更了解我的作品,可查看以下連結,是我的UX/UI專屬Portfolio: https://sites.google.com/view/hihibosco/home?authuser=0



GEMFind is a web3.0 project that provide detail and comprehensive information of all game-fi projects among different blockchain. GEMFind is a solution of flooding scam projects among game-fi market. It provide an authentic system to certify and give credit to those game-fi projects which are really exist. It encourages development team to create legit game-fi project and provide authentic information for gamers. GEMFind is literally a game changer in this new born market.


Pampers website revamp

This is a website revamp for Pampers. The website is exclusively for pampers’ club members. Users can redeem trial items and get exclusive promotional offers from the website. It also include functions like providing articles for rookie mothers, collecting membership points by scanning Qr codes and checking out product information. So, it is a quite comprehensive website.


HKIA - Eggciting challenge

In 2020 Easter, HKairportshop.com published a mini game for its customers to promote Easter sales. In this campaign, I am in charge of UX/UI design. I got involved from drafting wireframe, designing layouts and user flow to communicating with programmer. At the moment I was just an assistant art director. But I found this project challenging and interesting.


Holiday Greeting in the Air

This is an interactive website published by HKIA. The idea is that users can record their voice with greeting message. Then our website will generate the voice into visible sound wave. The sound wave is just look like a Christmas tree! Users can personified their Christmas tree by selecting background, color and decorations. Finally they can share it to the one they love. Both sender and receiver can get a promo code from the shop.


Sevenseas 根本有問題 Online Video

Online Video + KV shooting for Sevenseas


Vidal Sassoon - Serrini Online Video

I am in charge of the ideation, storyboard and art direction for this video


Vidal Sassoon - Tyson Yoshi Online Video

I am in charge of the ideation, storyboard and art direction for this video


Vidal Sassoon - Jay Fung Online Video

I am in charge of the ideation, storyboard and art direction for this video


Scott - 李錦聯 Online Video

I am in charge of the ideation, storyboard and art direction for this video